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  1. Lu says:

    my project suggestions for you

    Brothers Conflict OVA
    Genshiken Nidaime OVA
    Genshiken OVA
    Log Horizon 6.5 (recap)
    Sword Art Online Specials and OVA
    Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai Specials
    Seikon no Qwase Specials and OVA


    • Hybrid21 says:

      I would do Brothers Conflict OVA but there’s no proper raw out there so no can do.
      If you’re talking about Genshiken, Genshiken Nadaime OVA it’s already been done. If you’re talking about the specials, we’re doing it… slowly.
      Nobody does recap episodes man. If you’ve seen the series then great; try commie, they might’ve done it.
      >SAO specials, Machine-Doll specials and seikon specials/ovas have already been done. Just search around a bit and you’ll fine em (try

  2. ES6840 says:

    hi i was wondering if you guys would like to join us on subbing Hime chan no Ribbon?

  3. hack5 says:

    is it ok to upload baby and me on another site

  4. hack5 says:

    thank u very much for the been looking for good quality for this show for a while so thank u can i ask a question it has this show called kaikan phrase an anime about music,can you do a good quality version of this show it only has horrible avi version and i would like to really see this show in better quality

    • Hybrid21 says:

      Probably can’t do it here buddy. The main reason is because Hybrid-Subs is pretty much dead at this point so you might wanna ask some other people.

  5. hack5 says:

    Thanks for the reply.Keep up the good work

  6. JOSEPHINE N. says:

    Thank you so much for releasing Baby and Me.

  7. Nyanko-chan says:

    Hey! Thanks for releasing Baby and Me 😉 I noticed that there is 35 episodes of Baby and Me, and the rest episodes 27-35 are without subs (nowhere to be found), so can you solve this problem? I appreciate it, if you can :)

  8. Takanuva5 says:

    Could you sub the Dog Days S3 OVA. It was released last year but has yet to be subbed due to it coming in a very expensive bluray collection. Only a couple low quality raws are available. I’m sure many diehard watchers won’t mind the low quality.

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