Staff List

Full-time staff:

Hybrid21 Founder, Timer, Typesetter, QC
Kaitou_Kid Timer, Editor, QC
Tsume Website Hosting
Purefmwc Capper
zegond Typesetter
luridfuzz Editor

Part-time staff:

Tenzinn Website Manager, Capper
An_chan Sign Translation

Former/MIA Staff :

kevi8991 QC. (MIA)
Mad_Hatter Encoding Advisor (MIA)
^Yuyu Capper (Quit)
Skyrocket1991 Editor, (Quit – Went back to playing Games.)
Kipi-San (AKA Aimbotter) Capper/.ts provider. (Quit)
Edward_Bebop XDCC Bot Provider (Hybrid|Nobuna), Seedbox Provider [It’s complicated]
Narcon-sama Typesetter (Mocha and AFX), Quit
kasai Editor-in-training, (forever MIA)
Shirt Edited a few episodes, then just idled in the channels kicking people. (booted)
Switha QC. (IRL РQuit)
HackerFaris QC. (IRL РQuit)
IPVIRUS Timer. (Quit)
OtakuShawn TLC, QC, (IRL – Quit)
Vong Founder, Timer, K-timer, Typesetter, Webmaster, Recruiter (IRL – Quit)
8bit QC, MIA (IRL – MIA)(Not dead, just a hide-n-seek master)
Dylanborja Translator (Quit)
Akito555 Translator (Disappeared)
Kurosawa Editor, QC (MIA)
Ravyn82 Timer (MIA)
Decimo QC, Bot provider (Still around gotta be ass’d to work)
denpa Project-Lead, Encoder, QC, (Rage Quit)
FullDive Sign and Closed Caption Translator (Booted)
Subterfuge Translation Check (MIA)
returnity Editor, QC (MIA/Busy)
Sce Timer, Typesetter (MIA)
Dao Timer (Quit)
Erik QC (MIA)
VividFear Editor (Retired)
Chrouya Translator, Translation Check (On break)
blindrezo QC (MIA)
Korekame Editor (Dead(not really))
Onidragon  Timer(MIA)
Nub_Nubs Encoder(MIA)
Defendos Timer, Typesetter (in training/busy)
Ryuk Typesetter(he’s useless)
UTW-kun OP/ED Translator(mia)
romeyo007 Translator(mia)

Want to join? Go to our recruitment IRC channel and talk Hybrid21 or send an email to

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