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Hey fellow Anime Lovers, we at Hybrid-fansubs are currently looking for new staff members to help us out.
You don’t really need any experience when applying and most of the time we will teach you the basics.
About the Positions, heres a quick overview of which positions which are needed… Though we are recruiting all the help we can get.

Translator:  Translators are the soul of the fansub community. Translators are supposed to Translate Japanese to English. They are also supposed to Translate any signs (on-screen Kanji) in each Anime Episode/PV/Movie/OVA. If you can translate songs then that’d be a real plus-side.

Part-Time Translator:  The guy that translate songs and OP/ED for any shows that we pick up.

TLC : The person who checks the translated script for authenticity and makes sure that the translations are correct. Should have experience.

Timer:  Timing is simple. You’re supposed to time the sentences provided in the script to the words that are being said in the Anime Episode/PV/Movie/OVA.(Another defination would be: “Timing is syncing subtitles with voices in such a way that the viewer can read them comfortably.”) This isn’t as simple as you think it is, so make sure to read the guide if you have no experience. Use this GUIDE | KTIMING GUIDE | Aegisub <-the software that is to be used to time

Typesetter [TSer]:  The typesetter applies subtitle styling (font style, font size, subtitle coloring, etc) to the dialogue subtitles; and creates text and uses styles text via .ass override commands associated with various signs that many appear in the video, as indicated and translated by the translator. Check This Guide for examples and how to TS properly.

Editors:  As is usually put by many in the fansubbing community, editors take the Engrish from the TL script and molds it into English. These guys handle all rewordings of dialogue as needed, including grammar and spelling corrections, dialogue pacing in text, and characterization of dialogue (eg. giving a rough edge in the subs to characters. Depending on the group, the editing phase can occur before or after the timing phase. Should have experience as this is not something that can be taught.

QC: A QCer’s job is to look over every aspect of a release to make sure it’s error free. This includes noticing spelling, grammatical, timing, typesetting and encoding errors. Then can make a .txt notepad and send it to the editor working on the project. You need to QC fast cause we need to release the episodes accordingly.

Encoder: If you don’t know what this is, then leave it. Experience is a must and you should be willing to listen to the head honcho.

Capper: Provides the transport streams (.ts). If you live in japan and can record anime from *said* channel, then please do apply. Or you know get .ts by any other means ( ¬‿¬)

Read this guide as well.

Tests will be given to those who apply. If you are interested in joining our group, Just Join the recruit IRC channel #h-recruits@irc.rizon.net or Contact Hipster21 for further details. Email: hybrid21nt@gmail.com

11 Responses to Recruiting

  1. john says:

    can help with distro. on a 150/65 conx.

  2. tenzinn says:

    you need a graphic designer? send me an email

    • Vong says:

      Come onto the IRC Channel: #hybrid or #h-recruits and talk to either denpa, Hipster21 or Purefmwc. Theres a link at the top of the site to a web based client if you haven’t got a IRC Client as of yet

  3. zegond says:

    hi i can be the typesetter (but not full time)

    my typesetting example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4hg8hLmJsQ

    w8ing to see the tests in my mailbox

    • denpa says:

      Yes, please join #h-recruits on rizon and talk to Hipster21/Hybrid21. You’ll need to submit something not on youtube since they re-encode the video which could cause problems in evaluating typesetting. We have a test in case you don’t have anything else to submit.

      • zegond says:

        well i didnt actually hardsub them with usual apps. i used screening , so ull see all of the softsub effects,
        but however itll be much easier to do the tests to prove myself, so just send them to my email.

        i went to irc but no one answered

  4. ilduce777 says:

    hey, i want to help your group, by being a QC

  5. sharon says:

    I would love to help as a translator if possible. I’ve done translating before, but only as a part time for my professor (Kyushu University), if that counts.
    PS: JLPT level N1.

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