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Published on December 24th, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Robotics;Notes Episode 11

Aki-chan barely gets any screentime for this episode , so have a Merry Christmas with the Chuu2 girls! Nibutani > Rikka for the record.

Please excuse the staff for having holiday-related things to do and Kamina-kun for losing his internet again.
Next episode airs January 10, 2013. Hopefully the half-batch (Eps 1-11) will be released sometime over break. It all depends on how much time Korekame has for editing.

Update on next season: If Vividred Operation gets a simulcast or a translator joins, Naruto-kun1984 from Hatsuyuki has agreed to joint with us. However, it will be a slowsub project as that’s how Hatsuyuki rolls. (It also works out good for me as I’ll be busier during the winter season) Hybrid21 is trying to make a joint for Amnesia. Remember that plans are always subject to change so feel free to post a comment requesting a show.

Still need staff for next season including translators, timers, and typesetters. Please apply in IRC

This is a joint with Kaitou-Fansubs don’t forget to visit them.

720p 10bit All Softsub: Torrent | DDL

720p 8bit Hardsub Karaoke only: Torrent | DDL

480p All Hardsub: Torrent | DDL

Staff listing:

Tokai TV Cap: Anon2
Typing Funi Subs: purefmwc
TLC: Subterfuge
Some Sign Translation: FullDive
Timing: Kaitou[Kid]
Typesetting: Kamina-kun, Kaitou[Kid] (one sign)
Easy typesetting fixes: denpa
Editing: Korekame
Encoding: denpa
QC: denpa, Kaitou[Kid]
Project manager: denpa


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2 Responses to Robotics;Notes Episode 11

  1. An_chan says:

    > nibutani > rika
    Kumin FTW!

    THX FOR R;N GUYS!!1!

  2. Battleflame says:

    > 2pig2 > *
    > implying 2pig2 > Kumin

    Are you serious

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