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Published on December 11th, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Accel World Special 05


I did this for the sole reason of preventing Oni-Fansubs from getting downloads.
Anyway, enjoy this shitty show.

I guess I’ll put the TLC notes here:
First line: “Every year, autumn comes and goes.” TLC Note: Play on words. Only a Japanese speaker will understand the humor unfortunately.
Around 01:13: “I see, so you’re searching for unidentified materials”. Another pun. Here its mikakunin instead of mikaku, meaning unidentified

Don’t ask about special 4, the fill-in typesetter refuses to typeset it for some reason. Update: Vong has started to typeset special 4. He won’t come on IRC so I can’t ask him when it’ll be done. Update2: <Vong> Currently fighting with those dicks from Centrelink, I will be back by month’s end

1080p 10bit: Torrent

720p 10bit: Torrent

480p 8bit: Torrent

DDLs: Click Here

Staff listing:

Translation: Chrouya
TLC, Timing: Anon-chan
Typesetting 2 signs: Amata-sora
Editing: Decimo
Encoding: purefmwc
QC, fixing signs, title and styles, 1 line of K-time: denpa

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4 Responses to Accel World Special 05

  1. playerttt says:

    Where is eps 4 Special ?

  2. sandoe41 says:

    Will wait patiently for Vong to do his magic, my thanks to him.

  3. Vong says:

    Did you really have to quote me?

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