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Published on August 14th, 2012 | by Vong

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episode 6

Special Thanks to Jrazy for his Hard-Work on the Translation for the OP/ED of this Series.

“We are now using .ts as the source so the video should be higher quality.”

Note: We are working hard to release these in a timely manner. >Still RECRUITING | Expect more Hanbei filled posts in the future 😉
P.S: 480p is hardsubbed MP4 to play on phones/whatever…

720p 10bit: DDL1 | DDL2 | Torrent | TokyoTosho

720p 8bit: DDL1 | DDL2 | Torrent | TokyoTosho

480p 8bit: DDL1 | DDL2 | Torrent | TokyoTosho

denpa: I forgot to install the fonts on my laptop when making the 480p hardsub. Sorry about that. The 720p versions are fine.
DDLs will be added later*

Grab it from the XDCC bot using !oda06 In the main channel #hybrid

Staff Credits:

Vong: Timing, Typeset, Project Handler, K-Timer

Hybrid21 : Editor, QC

fgghjjkll: Sign Translator

denpa : Encoder (all versions), QC


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