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Published on August 2nd, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Update on Projects!

So this is just a small update on a few projects and how things are going to roll from now on…

Update 1: Dropped Projects

So, if you are wondering “Where is my Chitose Get You!! ?” (donno who watches it) then i have some bad news for you guys…

Chitose has been dropped by me for one sole reason and that is : “HS has better subs for this show than I had though, so i am going to drop it.”

If you want to watch Chitose then either get it from CMS | HS | Evetaku. CMS & Evetaku have original scripts so get your releases from them or if you want a quick watch then HS is your best option.

Update 2: Change of staff Listing

So from now on Oda Nobuna no Yabou will be encoded solely by Denpa and the rest of the staff are Vong and Hybrid21.

Previously we used Zero-Raws but now we are gonna increase the quality for the video, so we are going to start using .ts for Oda so expect it on the same time as always or maybe even faster…

Update 3: Joints & Other News

So we have everything ready for Campione! just need to edit the script and we shall release it as soon as possible.

For Dog Days` its on time so Meh~ no update here =3

On other news this is now things will work:

If we can’t find .ts for *respective show* we are gonna use a share-raw and just remux the subs etc. 10bit encodes will come later when a .ts is available


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