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Published on November 24th, 2012 | by Hybrid21

「RAW」 Sword Art Online BD Vol. 2 + Robotics;Notes NC OP and Music Video

Scans included in the torrent.

Could have had this on Wednesday if I would have been home at the delivery time. Now includes the episode previews at the end. However, no NC ED still so just NC OP spliced in. Scans included in a .zip file. When the NC ED comes out, I’ll redo Vol.1 and include proper scans. Did CRF 16 for 720p and 1080p with debanding this time.

1080p 10bit: Torrent

720p 10bit: Torrent

480p 8bit: Torrent

This is from the DVD that comes with Junjou Spectra Limited Edition
Robotics;Notes OP NC
Robotics;Notes OP Music Video
Both with the same KFX used in our subbed version.

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9 Responses to 「RAW」 Sword Art Online BD Vol. 2 + Robotics;Notes NC OP and Music Video

  1. Daniel says:

    So has Coalgirls grabbed your BDMV’s yet, and is it true that UTW has your BDMV?

  2. cino says:

    I guess you won’t UP whole BDMV to common people, right? I store some anime BDMVs and would like to get also this one. If you by any chance decide to do it you can send DL links to my e-mail :D.

  3. anonymous says:

    Just a fyi, ANKRaws has released the BDMV for Sword Art Online Volume 2 on Nyaatorrents.

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