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Published on November 30th, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Dog Days` TV Batch

Best girl in the whole DD` Series!!!


Batch releases from Summer 2012 2/3 done

denpa’s notes: Removed the Hadena shit that was in episodes 1-4. Patches available for 3+4, however 1 was a re-encode as Hadena decided to make HE-AAC audio for it and episode 2 because they hardsubbed typesetting, 2 stupid logos, and karaoke. The large filesize for episode 1 8bit is due to purefmwc accidentally using CRF 16.5 and his upload speed is slow so it won’t be redone. Any timing errors for episodes 1 and 2 should be blamed on Hybrid21 as it took him 3 tries to get it (somewhat) right on episode 1. I did my best to make these watchable, but due to my extreme hate for this show, please excuse any errors I missed. Dog Days doesn’t have any good girls in it just for the record. As for the third season, I really don’t want to do it, but it’s up to Vong.

Oda Nobuna Batch needs time shift + re-TS, so it’ll take a bit of time to re-do stuff for ep 1-4 so the batch will be released either when Vong is on break or someone joins us.

720p 10bit : Torrent | Episode 3 Patch | Episode 4 Patch

720p 8bit: Torrent | Episode 3 Patch | Episode 4 Patch

480p Hardsub: Torrent

XDCC Download available on the archive bot Hybrid|Senomiya-Akiho.

Staff Credits

Base script: Crunchyroll
Editing: Hybrid21 (1-12), Kevi8991 (13)
Editing Helper: kasai (8-11)
Timing: Vong (1-12), Squiggy (13, guest)
Typesetting: Vong (1-12), Hybrid21 (13)
QC: Hybrid21, denpa
Encoding 720p: purefmwc (1+2), Hadena (3+4), denpa (5+)
Encoding 480p: denpa (1-7), purefmwc (8-13)

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