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Published on October 30th, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Campione! TV Batch

Batch releases from Summer 2012 1/3 done

AnimeTosho does not index large batch files like the 720p batches.
Ask purefmwc on IRC if you want a DDL
XDCC Download available on the archive bot Hybrid|Senomiya-Akiho.

Note: DD` 13 Later Today (it’s @QC and just needs OP/ED added to it; Batch including 1 and 2 later on)

TV Batch

720p 10bit (No episode 1): Torrent

720p 8bit: Torrent

480p Hardsub: Torrent | AnimeTosho

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6 Responses to Campione! TV Batch

  1. sandoe41 says:

    Thank you very much for doing this show, best version done by any group!

    • sandoe41 says:

      I’ve done a minor re-edit of the scripts from the 8-bit torrent. Re-sized the OP romanji so it does not run into the credits and combined two OP lines into one (usurper lines), fixed a small number of derps, and redid two character names’ spelling so they match throughout the show (Arianna and Kranijcar). Putting subs only folder torrent on NT now, clearly stated as unofficial. I think that DmonHiro is using Commie subs (ugh) for Campione, if he is you might reconsider doing your own BD release.

      • denpa says:

        You know what? I guess I don’t mind doing the BDs if it makes one person happy. And yes, DmonHiro is using Commie for his release. (Why? Such a dumb choice) The only problem is that Vong isn’t available much so you’ll be waiting a while if we choose to continue with the BDs. I’d like to fix up Oda and Dog Days’ for their batches first though.

  2. sandoe41 says:

    My humble apologies for the delay with the torrent, I finally am seeding it now. My brother had my IP blocked for most of the week. No rush on the BD, whenever you can make the time for it. Once again I apologize for the delay on the torrent.

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