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Published on October 2nd, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Updates + Finalized Fall Plans

So hopefully you’ve noticed I have added a status sidebar for our projects. Since I’m tired of waiting for the rest of the staff who just go MIA for long periods of time without saying anything, I’ll just post an update. First off, we will be finishing all 3 projects that are either stalled at editing, typesetting, or both.

Campione! will be batched as soon as episode 13 is released since we are doing the Blu-Rays for it.
Hybrid21 wants to fix the names in Dog Days’ 1-4 for the batch but otherwise no other changes will be made since I hate the show so much.
Oda Nobuna no Yabou batch will take longer since we plan to make proper typesetting for the episodes that does not have it and proper encodes for episodes 1-4.
As for Seitokai OVA, forget about it anytime soon since the TL OtakuShawn has decided to not show up again (what’s new?).
Hyouka is a low priority project and Campione! volume 01 is nowhere to be found on share or perfect dark. If anyone knows why let me know on IRC. I found out that the BD uploader got arrested so I just purchased Campione! Vol. 1 from However, it won’t arrive until the end of October since I pre-ordered SAO Vol. 1 too. I probably won’t be able to purchase any more BD volumes, so donations or the BDMV for Campione! volumes 2+ would be needed.

So for Fall 2012 the joint with Kaitou Fansubs on Robotics;Notes is still on provided the staff assigned to it show up.
Kaitou[Kid] and I just decided to do a 2-man project of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (thanks Saint (not staff) for all those convincing screenshots today on IRC). Our goal with this project is to beat Hadena and Crunchyroll since we feel fans deserve better. Whoops forgot Commie subs everything simulcasted. Not worth doing it then. And FFF too…. I’d recommend them over Commie.

And lastly, all raws from me are dropped except I’m doing some random anime preview that I found a .ts for on share. No release post since it’s just some preview of Ixion Saga DT and Kami-sama Hajimashite. I’ll be doing To Love Ru Trouble Darkness at AFFTW too.

Oh and one more thing: Hybrid21 is NOT Chiki (or linx or any other character on the interwebs. Thank You). (Hmm, I see Hybrid21 is editing my post….)


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