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Published on September 2nd, 2012 | by Hybrid21


We want YOU to join the revolution!

We want YOU to join the revolution!

So it’s that time again. Recruiting¬†Typesetters, Editors, and QCers & Translators (if anyone is interested).¬†Experience is required, but you could be good at what you want to do so that could land you a spot.

Recruiting cause there are not enough people in these positions and those who are here are either busy or just MIA.

Interested parties please join

Translator/TLC: Must be fluent in both English and Japanese. No fansubbing experience required.

Typesetter : Applicants must know how to TS using aegisub(guides available on site). Mocha is a plus.

Editor: Must pass an editing test. Rephrasing sentences and correct grammar usage are required.

QC: Check the guide on site on what a QC is.

All guides can be found here.

If you want to post a comment please use your real ID which i’ll use to contact you.


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16 Responses to Recruiting

  1. 1xx7 says:

    MAJOR props for releasing to coalgirls thanks so much!

  2. sweet_kungfuman says:

    hope you can get new recruits soon, i want to watch busou shinki ;_;

    • denpa says:

      Well, our KFX guy hasn’t made KFX for the ED yet so hopefully we can release episode 3 as soon as he shows up. Episodes 1-2 and 5+ need a translator as the one who did episode 3+4 is currently busy with his other group. If someone can link the closed captions, there is someone who can translate from text only who would do it. (Before anyone says “why don’t you extract the closed captions from the .ts?” I already tried that with multiple programs with no success)

  3. ocha3 says:

    Hi, I saw your post on the Help Wanted thread at Animesuki forums, and I’m interested in volunteering as a translator for your group.

    I have experience translating Japanese technical documents into English, and have worked as an interpreter between English and Japanese on numerous occasions. I have also attended a university in Japan.

    If my description fits your needs, please send me an email or a PM on Animesuki ^^

  4. zegond says:

    hi did you planned on what shows to do subbing this season?

    • Hiiro-kun says:

      By “this season”, if you mean shows like Hentai Ouji and Date a Live, then no shows for this season, if you mean “next season” I believe your answer will be better answered by a quick drop in to the IRC Channel, as that is where most of the discussion into projects is done. A poll is normally put up within the last 2 weeks of the season to give those who don’t visit the IRC a chance to “have their say”. If you have a suggestion for next season, please provide it in either a comment in one of the more recent posts on this wall, give your suggestion in the Chatango Box to the right, or drop by the IRC.

      Thank you.


      -Ex-Member of Hybrid Fansubs

  5. Euphoric-Penguin says:

    Hi, I am intrested in becoming a member of Hybrid-subs. I have sent a message to with the files. I used google drive as host for my files because I couldn’t think of any better host because I don’t have a lot of fate in my upload speed.

  6. Sai Krishan says:

    Hi, I would like to apply as a Type setter, I do free lance TSing for groups at times.

    The TSing of the above were done by me. You will find that I was mentioned as the TS’er for both.

  7. stardrago says:

    Say, you think its possible if you could fansub Majin Bone as well, if not then perhaps finishing up the rest of the episodes of Gyrozetter then?

    • Hybrid21 says:

      Well Majin Bone is being done by CrunchyRoll so that’s probably the best subs out there for now & catching up to 23 eps would be a real pain considering the group is mostly dead.
      Gyrozetter is being by Hikari Senshi, they haven’t dropped it, but they’re just being slow cause of the lack of staff. Since they’re doing it I probably won’t pick it up mostly cause lack of staff.

  8. stardrago says:

    Well, how about Gundam Build Fighters, it has been over months now of the BD release and it would also include an ova; if so can you mave it in 720p format when released?

    • Hybrid21 says:

      I doubt it to be honest. I did say this but since I don’t have a translator it would be kinda impossible to get it translated so you’re best chances of getting the series/ova released is to ask a group that has done this or any previous series of gundam.

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