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Published on April 2nd, 2015 | by Hybrid21

「OVA」Mushibugyou 02

In collaboration with KgOlve. The guy does awesome stuff, check him out if you feel like it (Though there’s only the nyaa link since he doesn’t have a website).

Delays cause well… delays. It’s Hybrid-Subs people. Everything is delayed.

OVA 03 is @ Raw. Gonna have to wait for that(no one has uploaded a dvdiso of it on u2)

480p: Torrent

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8 Responses to 「OVA」Mushibugyou 02

  1. Larg says:

    You guys are awesome. Thanks.

  2. EinsamerWanderer says:

    Thank you very much! I’ll keep my fingers crossed hoping the OVA 3 dvdiso shows up eventually.

  3. tenkenX6 says:

    Lol, funny screenshot.

  4. Iseria says:

    Waiting for Mushibugyou 3 and Genshiken Nidaime OVA,

    what is the latest news? Still no Raw?

    Thanks for your releases.

  5. Chiaki says:

    Thanks for Mushibugyou OVA 2! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for the third installment. Any idea how many OVAs will there be in total?

    • Hybrid21 says:

      The third OVA should be out whenever someone uploads the DVDISO for it or I buy it…
      also: “Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyou, previously adapted to a TV series in Spring 2013, will receive multiple OVAs. The first special-edition DVD will be bundled with the manga’s 15th volume, to be released on July 18th.” so we don’t know how many of these are gonna be released.

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