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Published on October 13th, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episode 11+12 END

Are they going to kiss? (Not)

Summer projects: 1/3 done. Delays because both the editor and typesetter decided to go MIA. The replacement editor is Decimo and the replacement mocha typesetter is Hitokiri. Kaitou[Kid] from Kaitou-Fansubs helped with typesetting in episode 12. Thank you to Squiggy (owner of Tsundere Rips) who timed episode 12.
It wasn’t too bad working on this show except that I was stuck with QC because there aren’t any dedicated QCers. I got to “watch” it by reading the script each week.
Robotics;Notes episode 1 will be out soon, there were major delays in getting the .ts (didn’t expect to even get one).

Ep 11 720p 10bit: Torrent | TokyoTosho

Ep 11 720p 8bit: Torrent | TokyoTosho

Ep 11 480p Hardsub: Torrent | TokyoTosho

Ep 12 720p 10bit: Torrent | TokyoTosho

Ep 12 720p 8bit: Torrent | TokyoTosho

Ep 12 480p Hardsub: Torrent | TokyoTosho

As always, XDCC is available in #hybrid@irc.rizon.net

And here’s are the rest of the staff comments:
Kaitou[Kid] (Guest Timing/Typesetting): I think I spoiled Oda for me X_X

Hybrid21 (editing episodes 1-4): S2 WHERE?

Timing: Kaitou[Kid] (11), Squiggy (12)
Typesetting: Hitokiri (11), Kaitou[Kid] (12)
Editing: Decimo
Encoding: denpa (720p) purefmwc (480p)
QC: denpa (I want someone to do this instead of me!!!)


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4 Responses to Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episode 11+12 END

  1. Coll says:

    Thanks for finishing Oda. Really liked your subs best. I hope you get staff for Robotics, I didn’t like any of the other versions floating around.

    • denpa says:

      It was quite some work getting the staff together and thanks to the help of some new recruits we were able to finish it. I am so glad that someone appreciates the hard work we do here. I thought we were a no-name group that nobody watches. And we finally got our staff issues for Robotics;Notes worked out. There won’t be an original translation as of now, but Funimation’s script will be TLCed.

  2. flossifer says:

    I think a lot more people are watching and enjoying your work than you’ll ever hear about, for a reason new to fansub anime. It used to be that access required some technical sophistication –understanding torrents, IRC, video formats and players, etc. But thanks to portal download services and better video software, I’m seeing lots of new people at portals who are enthusiastic fans but not up on the tech stuff. For example, a surprisingly large number believe if they leave notes of thanks and appreciation at the portal download sites these get back to the people who did all the work at the fansubs (!). And torrent traffic reflects less all the time as torrents are blocked by universities and ISP’s and are seen as too public and risky in more parts of the world all the time, like mine.

    That’s just the way it is. I have no solutions to offer. On the bright side, many of these new fans are actual females, not just avatar females.

    On the advice side, a Mod-CR with OP, EN translations, good video and several format choices is a wonderful enough thing these days. According to a table I saw at Commie, last season (Summer, 2012) they presented 19 shows (!) but only translated one, Hyouka. The rest were all Mod-CR, Mod-TAN, Mod-Fun, etc. Their logic is to not waste energy re-inventing the wheel. Instead, improve on the work that’s already been done and save themselves for something special, like insulting Germans everywhere with their cutesie insert phrases in Girls und Panzer. (“Wunderbar”, my ass!)

    Anyways, thanks for all your efforts. Fansubbing is an insane hobby, but what comes out is great.

    • denpa says:

      >”On the bright side, many of these new fans are actual females, not just avatar females.”
      What’s this supposed to mean? And just for the record, I’m male.
      Thank you for your kind words. We are going though some tough times here and these types of comments help keep our spirits up.

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