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Published on April 23rd, 2014 | by Hybrid21

「Manga」Chou yo Hana yo – Ch 38, 39, 40

Seeing as no one finished this series, I’m picking up the project from the last chapter that is 37 and finishing this series at least for online users who can’t pay for a hard copy of this.


38 : DDL | Read Online

39: DDL | Read Online

40: DDL | Read Online

Edit: There’s one page in ch. 39,40 that was hell to clean and re-draw so i went lazy mode on it. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. Plus i suck at TSing manga <:

With this the series is finished. I plan to do the whole series from scratch for a friend so if anyone’s interested, they can grab it from here when it’s done.

Translation: Viz

Typesetter: Hybrid21

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14 Responses to 「Manga」Chou yo Hana yo – Ch 38, 39, 40

  1. Hani says:

    thank you so much for picking up this manga .
    much appreciated.
    keep up the good work.

  2. Nica says:

    I really do hope you finish the series — just a couple more to go! And thanks for restarting the scanlation just in time for my summer holiday. :)

  3. Sogno says:

    yay!! Thank you so much!!

  4. You have the raws of Akachan To Boku so I can translate in Portuguese?


  5. diruhooe says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TAKING THIS PROJECT! :DD will wait for the new realease, ganbatte! yoroshiku ^^

  6. Sharon Tumbaco says:

    Thank you soo much for finishing this series! It was truly horrible leaving it untranslated when there were only a couple chapters left to go!
    But I was thinking… instead of re-doing this (fully licensed, available on itunes, and fan translated) series, have you considered translating some of Yoshihara’s other works that haven’t been translated yet like Oboretai or Mata Mata Oboretai? Oboretai has only had the first 3/6 volumes done and for Mata Mata, only select chapters of volumes 1 and 3 are done. Cause I would donate moneys for that! Just a suggestion as a fellow Yoshihara fan. But even if you dont, I seriously appreciate your efforts for us josei lovers. I’m just glad I finally got to read the end of Chou yo Hana Yo! :)

  7. CHARYAMAYA says:

    might consider translating the last chapter of the manga baby love? I guess for many people this will be fantastic serious and not just for me, I say, is just one missing .. which would be my gods if they hear my prayer ?… thank you ..

  8. CHARYAMAYA says:

    the manga Dengeky Daysi is also finished in japanese and only 5 chapters missing for finished in translate in english, you too might consider it?, and I will not abuse, but also have 2 more, one is called himekei doll and other Koi Uma, these same is centuries they left untraslate, and unfortunately I dont know the Japanese nor the Chinese, and the same thing, You will be my gods if you hear my prayers .. thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. charyamaya says:

    Hi, could you be interested in translating the mangas Himekei Doll and Koi Uma, because the fansubers has not continue the translation long time ago, I will most grateful for your kind atenttions to this matter and sorry for the inconvenience, I am sorry because my english is not so well, My nature language is spanish.

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