Go! Go! 575

Published on January 25th, 2014 | by Hybrid21

Go! Go! 575 – 03

The pics not even the best part of the ep \o/

Changed a few things in this ep.
Official Lyrics are out. Next week’s EP will be updated accordingly and the the rest of the eps will be updated for the batch.

720p: Torrent | DDL

480p: Torrent | DDL


Translation: Azuki

Timing: Hybrid21

Typesetting: Hybrid21

Editing: luridfuzz

Quality Check: Fyurie, begna112, Tenzinn

Encoding: Nub_Nubs

KFX: The_Pretender


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2 Responses to Go! Go! 575 – 03

  1. Vaan says:

    I’m surprise to see this cute yet short anime to have good subbers like you guys.

    Thanks for this. Too bad its so short.

    Hope you sub more animes in the future.

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