Go! Go! 575

Published on January 12th, 2014 | by Hybrid21

Go! Go! 575 – 01

Screenshot courtesy of Nub_Nubs who is a thigh man.

New eps sooner? Also Click Here to learn what a Haiku is & Click Here to learn what a Haiku in English is.

More info on the show can be found here!

For Kite!

720p: Torrent | DDL

480p: Torrent | DDL

Seems like i made a small mistake while making the logo which took less than a minute (I’ll probably remove it for the batch or something) – Thank you anons for pointing it out. Here’s a patch to fix that. Also I didn’t rename the file just changed to the crc to D6963838

Patch: DDL


Translation: Azuki

Timing: luridfuzz, Hybrid21

Typesetting: Hybrid21

Editing: luridfuzz

Quality Check: Hybrid21

Encoding: Nub_Nubs


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18 Responses to Go! Go! 575 – 01

  1. ElPsy says:

    How many Epis will this have?

  2. Amy Febryan says:

    Can you make 480p 😀

  3. Amy Febryan says:

    but, do not be enforced if it can not

  4. Fyurie says:

    Hybrid doing shows?
    Didn’t think you guys still subbed.
    Thanks for releasing.

  5. Anon says:

    Opening screen says “Hybrid-subs presets”
    Everything else was great.

    Thank you very much!

  6. hiya says:

    I know this is probably a really stupid question, but could anyone tell me how to run a patch? I tried googling, but all I ever get is people saying how I need to run a .bat file, there isn’t one in your patch though. ;v;

    • Hybrid21 says:

      Hm weird. Try to download the patch again and extract it using winrar or something similar.
      I did download it again and it’s working fine. The file name is apply_patch.bat or simply apply_patch
      Just place the original file in the same folder as the patch and open that file and it should fix your problem.

      • lae says:

        It’s pretty much for this reason why you should consider hiding/deleting v1 and reuploading v2 (as well as renaming to 01v2) with a link to the patch in the v2 torrent.

        Not a bad release.

        • Hybrid21 says:

          Well this was a pretty small error so making a complete v2 version isn’t really worth it in my honest opinion.
          Most groups just fix this kinda stuff in a batch release but since a few people were kinda annoyed by it, I just made a small patch to fix that.

  7. myxpytls says:

    I made a karaoke for ep1. can u look at it guys if its ok

  8. myxpytls says:

    here ^^ this is my first karaoke made

    • Hybrid21 says:

      Well the KFX does look pretty but it’s not really my type so i might not use it. But thanks for your effort and time you put into this. ^^

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