Brothers Conflict Draw me like one of your French Girls

Published on November 17th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Brothers Conflict – 01-02

Hey there!

So I picked this up since Funi’s TL for this was pretty good but the editing sucked balls and non of the other groups did a very neat job on this, so yeah.

The release includes properly timed, TSed, Edited scripts with kara and a proper encode and yes this is the TV version

More releases soon to follow.

720p: Torrent | DDL


TL: Funimation

Timing: Onidragon, Hybrid21

TS: Hybrid21

Edit: luridfuzz

QC: ItsBMorris

Encoder: Dregon45


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4 Responses to Brothers Conflict – 01-02

  1. Dan says:

    Finally! A decent sub/edit! Thank you for picking this up!

  2. Zilla89 says:

    So what are you guys fixing to release next?

    • Hybrid21 says:

      Well… In terms of episodes, we’re gonna release Brothers Conflict ep 03-05 and Aka-chan to Boku ep 05
      Both are edited and just need TSing which should be done soon and in terms of new shows… Can’t say yet

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