Robotics;Notes [Hybrid-Kaitou] Robotics;Notes - 22 [720p][10bit][D34311EF].mkv_snapshot_10.22_[2013.07.28_19.49.35]

Published on July 28th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Robotics;Notes Episode 22 END

So we’ve finally finished this almost 5 months late. Although we had many missing, busy, and unmotivated staff, somehow we were able to pull through. If you managed to endure the long wait, we greatly appreciate you choosing us to watch your chinese cartoons.

This group won’t be picking up any new projects anytime soon, as we’re all busy with something hopefully you’ve become familiar with called “real life”. I guess Nubs and Hybrid21 will be completing Amnesia for those fujoushi out there, and you can expect a batch of R;N in about a year with the first 8 or so episodes fixed up to the current level of quality. BDs might take years, but I really wanna do them. If you’re interested in helping out, you can find me on A typesetter and translation checker are the most important positions needed for the project.

10bit 720p : Torrent | DDL

8bit 720p : Torrent | DDL

480p hardsubbed : Torrent | DDL


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  1. Kevin says:

    *hug denpa*

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