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Published on June 15th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Amnesia – Batch

So this finally got done. This was delayed cause the QC disappeared after working on Episode 01-04 so we stopped for some time in hope that he might return and finish his work but sadly he disappeared (again) so we had blindrezo finish QCing the rest of the scripts.  A big thanks to denpa for encoding the whole series using BS11 .ts; the quality should be good at far as TV encodes go.

Changes: [1-8 were QCed; 9-12 Unchanged] Most grammatical errors were fixed and a lines were changed to match the characters tone. Changed styles for ep 1-7 for consistency and used the same fonts/kara for all of them. TSing was re-done for a few episodes. There’s 1 error that i kinda left which was a {\i1} error for ep 9-12 for Orion’s dialogues, but it doesn’t really matter much.  And that’s about all of it.

Thanks for Watching this series from us and hope you enjoyed it.

720p is currently being seeded. 480p won’t be seeded anymore.

720p Batch: Torrent

480p Batch: Torrent | Patch

Error List which probably won’t be fixed

EP 02 Preview

Staff Credits

Akito555 – TL (01), CR (02+)

An_chan – TLC

Kaitou_kid – Timer {Batch Timer as well} | Ryuk – Timer

Hybrid21 – Typesetter | Ryuk – Typesetter

denpa – QC, Encoder

blindrezo – Batch QC | kevi8991 – Batch QC

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18 Responses to Amnesia – Batch

  1. Rewston says:

    Thanks for this, and good work, job well done 😀

  2. Faze says:

    Please seed amnesia batch torrent

  3. Faze says:

    please upload the subtitles of episode 1-12

  4. Faze says:

    do you have a download link of the batch? (not torrent)

  5. Faze says:

    Do you have now the ddl link? Please

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