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Published on April 7th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Updates / Spring Plans

So I think it’s about time for an update on stuff. We won’t be doing any spring show since we don’t like doing crunchyroll edits and don’t have any available translators. Translators will hopefully be back for the summer season. Date A Live is postponed to BDs and is looking like we’ll be using FFF subs. I think Hybrid21 is looking to do Ghost in the Shell whenever it comes out but we need a translator.

Now for a bit of status updates:
Robotics;Notes TV: editor returnity got into a car accident and was at the hospital for who knows how long. I’m starting to think fate has it against us to complete this show. ETA for the rest of the episodes is “who knows”

Amnesia: Batch coming soon and is first priority. 0% chance of BD release. (Note that the BDMV isn’t anywhere to be seen so not like we’d be able to anyway)

Vividred Operation: Batch whenever Hatsuyuki gets around to making consistant karaoke and doing whatever to the scripts. Our new friends at Ota subs will be using our scripts in their BD release (Which sadly uses a share raw but whatever, this show isn’t good either)

Click continue for BD project status

Robotics;Notes BD: Kaitou[Kid] has been busy with chess. Dunno how that’s more important than fansubbing. We’ll try to get them done as soon as possible.

Other BD projects we have in the works are Hyouka and Psycho-Pass. There’s a chance we might wait for Italian BDs for P-P though. Rest assured it will use a decommified script. No ETA for these yet as they are lowest priority.

Ebiten specials and OVA are the responsibility of Hybrid21 and Onidragon. I don’t even QC that so I have no clue on the progress.

purefmwc and Nub_Nubs have some BDs they’ll be doing which include K, GJ-bu, Campione, Hayate S1, and Phi Brain S1. Apparently there’s a lot more I don’t know about too. Tags vary for these releases so not all of them may have [Hybrid] in the name. Other tags to look out for include [Nubles-Hybrid] and [Nubles-pure]. Hellsing OVA X probably falls under this category too.

Anything not listed on here as a Hybrid-subs project is probably dropped or just was a rumor. Except for a solo project I’m planning to do in May.


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2 Responses to Updates / Spring Plans

  1. Kusiga says:

    Dang hope the editor didn’t get to badly injuried in the car crash.

  2. anonymous says:

    Very disappointed with Coalgirls’s Hyouka. Hopefully you guys can make a better version for archiving.

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