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Published on April 6th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Robotics;Notes Episode 16

Well, we’re slowly making progress. Editor is missing again (both original and replacement) so once again this is stalled. Amnesia will be finished this weekend, as all that’s left is for me to QC all 4 episodes. Don’t ask about Blu-rays; Kaitou hasn’t had much time to fansub lately so no progress has been made.

Thanks to Fyurie for giving up a bit of his time to QC this episode. 10bit and 480p use official lyrics and we have a logo now. 8bit won’t get official lyrics since it’s hardsubbed and I’ve already encoded them.

I’ll be attending the FRC robotics competition in Baltimore next Friday April 12th. You can watch is streaming live here.

As always, this is a joint with Kaitou-Fansubs don’t forget to visit them.

720p 10bit All Softsub: Torrent | DDL

720p 8bit Hardsub Karaoke only: Torrent | DDL

480p All Hardsub: Torrent

Tokai TV Cap: Capper-san
Typing Funi Subs: purefmwc
TLC: Subterfuge
Some Sign Translation: FullDive
OP/ED TL: Chrouya
K-Timing: Vong, denpa
Timing: Onidragon
Typesetting: Kamina-kun, Hybrid21
Editing: returnity
Encoding: denpa
QC: denpa, Kaitou[Kid], Fyurie
KFX: Zec@MMOtaku (OP2 v1, ED), ANIKIN (OP2 v2)


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  1. returnity says:

    Let’s unstall this whore. I’m not dead. I got rear-ended at almost 40mph, overnighted in hospital, then all week been making up schoolwork, trying to get my car totaled out, getting a rental, etc. ad infinitum…
    All the while wearing a damn whiplash-collar. Last time I used a whip, a lash, and a collar together, I had way more fun. =/

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