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Published on April 3rd, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Vividred Operation 11-12 END

And now we’ve seen all the Mikus in this show…

Back from vacation; time to release stalled shows. Batch for this will come after the other 2 shows are completed.
Episode 12 had a ton of PC range color areas I had to fix. I seriously wonder how dumb the animation company can be.

I didn’t like this show at all. It didn’t have anywhere near the plot I expected it’d have. The ending was especially rushed, and the show even felt like a kids show teaching Pokemon-like ideals at times.

And now some words from the TLC, Kanachann: “Green best girl. That is all.”

Joint with Hatsuyuki. Don’t forget to visit them.

720p 10bit Ep 11: Torrent | DDL

720p 8bit Ep 11: Torrent | DDL

480p Ep 11: Torrent

720p 10bit Ep 12: Torrent | DDL

720p 8bit Ep 12: Torrent | DDL

480p Ep 12: Torrent


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  1. purefmwc says:

    Lol they don’t even look like Miku ¬_¬

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