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Published on March 28th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Robotics;Notes BD Episode 02

Oh the feeling of being in love…

I adjusted the qcomp setting and got the filesize down without needing to remove any grain, so hopefully this is the best of both worlds. I’ll probably redo all these encodes for the batch anyway, tuning them for acceptance by BakaBT as that’s our goal with this project. I’m also thinking about making an AVCHD ISO for playing in BD players since some people (myself included) like doing that.

Volume 3 just arrived today so we’re now 2 volumes behind :( look forward to bonus CD rips soon.

We really want to do Date A Live but have no translator. Please apply in Other shows will be decided based on the Crunchyroll lineup apparently going to be announced on Sunday.

Reminder: “Yoriaiki” will be left untranslated since it’s a real festival in Japan.

1080p 10bit: Torrent | DDL

720p 10bit Regular: Torrent | DDL

720p 10bit Hi444pp: Torrent | DDL

Even though Kaitou and Kamina are practically members here now, they still want their group, Kaitou-Fansubs, credited.

Staff listing:

BDMV purchased by denpa
Typing next episode previews: denpa
TLC next episode previews: Subterfuge
Timing shift: Kaitou[Kid]
Typesetting fixes: Kamina-kun
Encoding: denpa
QC: Kaitou[Kid], denpa
Everything else taken from the TV release.

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5 Responses to Robotics;Notes BD Episode 02

  1. Kusiga says:

    Hmm does this mean I should just be waiting for the batch instead of hoping for ep 16+ to get done before the BDs? Don’t mind waiting if I know I have to, don’t want to use another group who isn’t as good imo but yet already finished all the eps. Hope this doesn’t come off as complaining. >_>

    • denpa says:

      Not to worry, episode 16 coming up soon. I just have to sort all my stuff out now that I’m back from vacation (like look at my blu-rays). Kamina has started back up on typesetting so we’re waiting on returnity to sort out his real life problems. Rest assured we’ll finish before the BDs catch up. Thanks for waiting. It gives us motivation to work :). Edit: sorry I got distracted hunting down a figure of Akiho and Korekame is back now so I’d like him to QC episode 16 for consistency. It would be unacceptable to be delayed this long and release a subpar product. Thank you for your understanding.

      • Kusiga says:

        Ah thanks for the response, understandable that real life takes priority even if sometimes we don’t want it to lol. Just happy to have tried this anime and loving it. This and Danball Senki i’d say are my favorite robot animes in more recent years. ^_^

  2. notanchanforsure says:

    her face – waiting for cumshot
    GREAT RELEASE, thank you hybrid subs!

  3. ChRno says:

    Thanks! Guess I’ll get your release. Looking great!

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