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Published on March 10th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Accel World Specials – Batch

Season 2 when?

So as said before: Here’s the batch for those who don’t want to DL the specials one by one.

The scripts for these specials weren’t changed mostly because there wasn’t a need for it (Blame Hybrid21 for that decision) and also the v2 in these batches would be for encodes only.

Hope you enjoyed these and hope that season 2 would come sooner. Besides that; any group want to pick our subs for their BDMV project are more than welcome :) (You can ask for the scripts in IRC)

denpa note: fixed for batch – 1. consistent file naming 2. sp 1 changed to aac audio for 720p and 480p 3. sp 7 changed to 10bit for 720p


1080p: Torrent

720p: Torrent

480p: Torrent

DDLs: Click Here

Staff Credits:

Translator: dylanborja (1) Chrouya (2-8)

Translation Check: Subterfuge (1-8)

Timer: Vong (1,3) Hybrid21 (2,7,8) Subterfuge (4,5) purefmwc (6)

Typesetter: Hybrid21 (1,3,6-8) Vong (2,4) Kamina-kun (4) Amata-Sora/denpa (5)

Editor: Shirt (1) Decimo (2-6,8) Kaitou_Kid (7)

QC: Subterfuge (1) Hybrid21 (1-3) Kaiout_Kid (4) denpa (5-8) returnity (8)

Encoder: Purefmwc (1-8), denpa (7, 720p)

Batching: denpa

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2 Responses to Accel World Specials – Batch

  1. Cosimo says:

    Are these your own BD rips!!! LOL I just downloaded all the eopeidss again just to make sure if I had to use zero raws Idahave the subs!!! LOL!! Now you guys have have BD’s lol!!Thanks

    • Hybrid21 says:

      Well BDMVs are usually floating around on share and other p2p sites so technically these aren’t our own BD rips.

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