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Published on September 8th, 2012 | by Hybrid21

Next Season [and some updates]

So to start things off, sorry for the delays on Oda and Campione! I have been unable to do anything on them mostly because my internet provider sucks (if you live in Australia, don’t go through AAPT/INet)

So, Next season….

The group has been discussing this for a week or so, and seeing as most of the main staff have all taken a interest in Robotics;Notes, we have decided to pick this up. I have yet to confirm this with some of the other staff that might be working on the show, but for now, it seems we’re only picking up 1 show next season. It may change when we get closer to the airing date due to whoever is available on those days. [looks like this will be a joint with Kaitou fansubs, and that they will be handling Timing/TSing, so I’ll be free ^_^ ]

Here’s a untranslated PV for your viewing pleasure… [we are currently working on PV2]


Project Updates…

Campione! 09: It was mainly delayed at first because of a fail .ts raw, about 10secs worth of the video was missing and the audio was out of sync.

Campione! 10: Delayed because my internet provider sucks

Oda 09 and 10: Delayed for the same reason as Camp 10

Dog Days’ 10: If I can get some money onto my Telstra USB Plugin, it will be released today/tomorrow. Now waiting for hybrid21 to edit.

Other Projects…

Oda Blurays: We won’t be doing those because it is very likely FFF will pick it up and Coalgirls already has, so we’re only going to release a TV Batch. (denpa edit: most likely with new encodes for episodes 1-4.)

Dog Days’ Blurays: Thinking hard on this one, its a awesome show (denpa edit: I HATE this show and refuse to encode BDs for it. Besides, FFF is doing it. Don’t expect a batch for this one.)

Campione! Blurays: denpa edit again: since this is the only show we’re doing that didn’t get Blu-rays picked up by FFF, we will be doing them. Volume 1 comes out on September 26.

SYD OVA 4: Delayed at the Translation stage, I already have the OP and most of the ED translated by a helpful friend.

Hyouka BD’s: Currently working on the first episode now.

Other semi-unrelated news…

I’ll be busy with college work and applying for University for a bit, so there will probably be way more delays ahead of us.

I’m feeling lazy, tired and bored without my internet, so I’ll probably be making some professional looking banners sometime soon

Hybrid21 is a lazy editor and will probably take his time with any project he’s on

denpa is awesome

And that just about does it, thanks for your support people, if you have any feedback, we’d greatly appreciate it. If you have any experience in fansubbing, we really need people right now, plz drop by when you have some free time.

And finally, thanks for supporting us.



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