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Published on February 16th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Robotics;Notes BD Episode 01

There aren’t any words to describe how I feel about you, Aki-chan.

So we’ll be offering 3 versions of this: 1080p, 720p, and a test 720p Hi444pp. The Hi444pp version differs from the regular versions by having full chroma (color) resolution.
There’s a lot of technical stuff involved, but basically there’s no loss of color data so it looks better in areas with lots of red.
Also, all 3 versions use kernel inversion in which the source has the original upscale by the animation company undone, and for the 1080p it’s then re-upscaled using a better upscale method. This means it’s a lot sharper and looks like the animation company intended it to before the “professional” BD makers did a shit bicubic upscale on it.
As always, any feedback is appreciated as this is the first Blu-ray I’ve actually been serious about making it look good.

TL;DR this 1080p looks better than the original. All releases are 10bit and softsub. People with special needs (8bit or 480p) use the TV versions.
1080p comparison

A note about terminology: “Yoriaiki” will be left untranslated since it’s a real festival in Japan.

1080p 10bit: Torrent | DDL

720p 10bit Regular: Torrent | DDL

720p 10bit Hi444pp: Torrent | DDL

Even though Kaitou and Kamina are practically members here now, they still want their group, Kaitou-Fansubs, credited.

Staff listing:

BDMV purchased by denpa
Typing next episode previews: denpa
TLC next episode previews: Subterfuge
Timing shift: Kaitou[Kid]
Typesetting fixes: Kamina-kun
Encoding: denpa
QC: Kaitou[Kid], denpa
Everything else taken from the TV release. Korekame will be editing for the batch.

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20 Responses to Robotics;Notes BD Episode 01

  1. DmonHiro says:

    You removed the grain. Wow, you auto-fail. Here I was hoping for a decent release.

  2. Yoshi-kun says:

    I’m impressed as unfortunately it’s rare for me to completely agree on every single encoding choice, but I do this time. Gooood job.

    Among the other things, thanks for removing the digital grain, as it carries an actual information of just one bit (turn it on or off) but once applied on the signal it’s devastating for the size of the result. In my opinion those post-fx should be really applied at run-time, and the container formats should just support the parameters to apply them.

    Definitely archiving your release, I hope you will keep it up.

    • denpa says:

      Thank you. I’m glad one person agrees with my decision. All I have been getting until now was hate. Glad to know I’m not insane.

      • DmonHiro says:

        In my case, at least, you’re not getting hate. You’re getting called on for doing something stupid. Removing grain to save space is, and has always been stupid. Making changes to improve quality is great. Making changes just to save space, is not.

      • DmonHiro says:

        Yup, and like a really brave person, you’ve been deleting comments that don’t agree with you. Quite mature, especially since you’ve removed detail to preserve space is one of the stupidest encoding decisions. Don’t worry, I know you’ll delete this. I’ll just take a commemorative snap-shot.

        • denpa says:

          All right, sorry about that I was quite busy with my robotics club for the past 2 days and didn’t have any time to respond to these comments and just having them without a response wouldn’t look too good. I understand your extreme desire to keep grain and your prejudice against anyone who removes it, but I hope you understand that people have their own opinions about how stuff should be done. There isn’t one right answer when encoding, and it’s about what looks good to the one doing it. I find it really fucking annoying to watch a show covered in random digital grain. I didn’t even remove all of it as if you actually watched the release, you would see there is still some in there. It’s just running a low strength denoiser can make it less annoying to my eyes while cutting the filesize by 500MB and I don’t see why I wouldn’t do that. If there’s an error in my logic, I’d like to continue this discussion on IRC. My goal it to make this show look the best possible, not to offend anyone.

          • DmonHiro says:

            Well, that I can understand, but you said, in your post “I chose to remove it or else the file size would be 700MB for one episode in 720p”. That meant that you only removed it to save space, not because you were trying to make it look better. If you think it makes it look better, more power to you. It only pisses me off when people do stuff like that only to save space.

  3. Yoshi-kun says:

    Disregard those people. They often speak without knowing what they are talking about. I can see from your post and releases that you have passion for what you are doing, and know your stuff at a deeper level. It would be nice to have more people like you on the encoding scene.
    Most of the haters have the prejudices of the ignorant people, they go like “if it’s less than 500MB it’s shit”, “OMG a lossy compression ?? in 2013 ??” and the likes, and they call themselves encoders. I don’t expect common people to know what transparency means when related to a compression algorithm, but I’m a little depressed as I see a lot of anime re-releasers that just hit the encode button and are all proud of it, while the result is way sub-optimal.

    I am part of a small group of anime collectors, currently storing just a little more than one thousand anime series using three 4TB HDD each one configured in raid0+1, we’ll soon have to add another one, so I appreciate the file size to be adequate to its content, with the quality staying as high as possible. This is something that not all the encoders achieve, so thank you for staying on the side of the “sane” people :)

    Also, yours is the first release I see using the High 4:4:4 Predictive profile, and it really is superior in term of colors. Kudos to you.

    • denpa says:

      Wow that’s so cool with the hard drive setup. Actually, the hate is coming from other experienced people who say the grain is supposed to stay and that I did “something stupid” by removing it. (I’m well aware of the “dummy” type encoders and just ignore them.) I have been told there’s a way to have a compromise on grain and file size so I’ll be trying that and then making a decision on what to do with future episodes. I’d like to hear more of your arguments towards removing grain. Feel free to stop by our IRC channel
      Thanks again for the feedback :)

      • DmonHiro says:

        Well, it was stupid. The people who added the grain were the ones who made the anime. There IS no argument for removing grain, except to save space. And if your goal is to save space, you’re not a very good encoder.

        • Vong says:

          So you’re saying we should release 1 episode of a 720p anime at 800mb when there’s a method that cuts 0 quality and more than halves the file size?? Yeah… nice story bro…

          • Mad_Hatter says:


            336mb including audio.

            Tell me once again how much bloat a video with grain should be(utw doesn’t count).

          • denpa says:

            Next episode will use different x264 settings to keep the grain and have small file size. Then everyone should be happy :)

          • Vong says:

            “The BD had a lot of “digital grain” and I chose to remove it or else the file size would be 700MB for one episode in 720p”

            @Mad_Hatter: I was going by what Denpa said in the actual post, I have no knowledge whatsoever about encoding.

          • DmonHiro says:

            If you cut out the grain, which was added ON PURPOSE, but the people who made the anime, how can you claim that it cuts “0 quality”.

  4. Mad_Hatter says:

    Brofist to dmonhiro, and now we also have the possibility of enjoying real grain and not the fucked DVD noise, which was quite awful.

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