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Published on March 10th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Robotics;Notes Episode 15

Aki-chan needs more screentime…

I guess Korekame is forever disconnected from the Internet. returnity really wanted to help out on this so he’ll be finishing up the series as editor. Delays from here on out will more likely be caused by lazy typesetters than missing editors. Blu-ray episodes are stuck at Kaitou[Kid] for retiming, who is currently busy with school and chess.

All of us who like to ship characters believe Kai should be with Frau. Don’t disappoint us Production I.G.

See real life robots play Ulitmate Frisbee here.
As always, this is a joint with Kaitou-Fansubs don’t forget to visit them.

720p 10bit All Softsub: Torrent | DDL

720p 8bit Hardsub Karaoke only: Torrent | DDL

480p All Hardsub: Torrent | DDL

Tokai TV Cap: Capper-san
Typing Funi Subs: purefmwc
TLC: Subterfuge
Some Sign Translation: FullDive
OP/ED TL: Chrouya
K-Timing: Vong, denpa
Timing: Onidragon
Typesetting: Kamina-kun, Hybrid21
Editing: returnity, Kaitou[Kid] (first half)
Encoding: denpa
QC: denpa
Project manager: denpa
KFX: Zec@MMOtaku (OP2 v1, ED), ANIKIN (OP2 v2)


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  1. sandoe41 says:

    Just watched ep 21, denpa will be disappointed.

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