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Published on February 12th, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Vividred Operation 05

So I originally thought there was a capping problem with MBS since there wasn’t an episode preview, but then I read on Evetaku’s site that it just wasn’t aired this time and will be a web-preview instead. So I got TBS too and am gonna use that from now on since it’s slightly better than MBS in terms of number of bad frames. All 3 channels epic fail at the OP but TBS has the least bad frames in the remainder of the episode compared to MBS and BS-TBS.

New OP KFX and fixed romaji. After effects logo was added this time and I had to re-encode so 10bit later. All consistency changes (KFX, terms, etc) will be fixed in the batch.

Joint with Hatsuyuki. Don’t forget to visit them.

720p 10bit: Torrent | DDL

720p 8bit: Torrent | DDL

480p: Torrent | DDL

Staff Listing:

MBS cap: secret place
TBS cap: Capper-san
Translation: Char Custom
Translation Check: Kanachann
Timing: Floris257
OP/ED Translation: Chrouya, Char Custom, TLC Kanachann
Editing: Chippo
K-timing: denpa (OP), Floris257 (ED4 fixed by denpa)
Karaoke: Naruto-kun
Logo: KakashiCopyNinja
Typesetting: Fyurie
QC: Amaterasu, denpa, MasterMeNL (in training)
Encoding: denpa


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