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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by Hybrid21

Amnesia Episode 04

Plot? No chance.

We’ll need another TL for this show, if you think you can help us, drop by one of our IRC Channels or thxs 😉

This is now a CR Edit, cause our TL is busy with school.

Delays? Blame Amurika and it’s school system.
denpa edit: Huh? It wasn’t delayed since I had a day off today. Also expect some R;N soon Korekame is back for just enough time for 13-14.

720p : Torrent

480p: Torrent

DDLs: Click Here

Staff Credits :

Translation Check: An_chan

Timing: Kaitou[Kid]

Typesetting: Kamina-kun

Editing: Vividfear

Encoding: Nub_Nubs (all material provided by denpa)

QC: Hybrid21, denpa


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6 Responses to Amnesia Episode 04

  1. notanchan says:

    2 damn cute girls in anime…
    still the same guy in a release pic

    pls do it right next time kthx

  2. LatNim says:

    There is plot though a very loose one at that. This anime is from an Otome Game according to the wiki, so as can be seen as of now she’s lost her memories (duh), and she now bouncing around multiple realities where she’s dating one of the guys that have playing cards as part of their clothes/themes. The guy with long green hair that claimed to be a reporter in episode 03 seems to know something as well.

    P.S. sorry if I made a spoiler.

  3. toma says:

    Any news on the 480p mp4?

    • denpa says:

      I have told Nub-Nubs to do it but I have no clue when he’ll do it. I refuse to work on this show except for QC so bug him or purefmwc on IRC if you want it faster.

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