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Published on January 25th, 2013 | by Vong

Amnesia Episode 3

Plot coming soon?

We’ll need another TL for this show, if you think you can help us, drop by one of our IRC Channels or thxs ūüėČ
Else we’ll have to TLC Crunchyroll but we don’t want to do that.

denpa note: AT-X would still be nice to reduce delays. The batch will have all BS11 encodes due to BS11 being better than CR. Also Vong wanted to try his luck at QCing since I let some embarassing mistakes through in episode 2 since I QCed at school. I just want to kindly let Vong know he’s not ready for the position yet. It’s sad how many errors I find even after 2 people have supposedly QCed.

Vongs note:  I only fixed up some script derps and TSing Derps, Hybrid21 fixed the bleeds

720p : Torrent

480p: Torrent

DDLs: Click Here

Staff Listing:

Translation: Akito555

Translation Check: An_chan

Timing: Hybrid21, Vong (fixes)

Typesetting: Hybrid21 (advice: Kamina-kun)

Editing: Vividfear

Encoding: denpa (both purefmwc and Nub_Nubs were “busy” so fml)

QC: Vong, Hybrid21, denpa


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